Note: This game has been cancelled! Don't expect to see this releasing soon!
432 Heroes is a retry at an idea that Dealwithitdewott had called 48 Heroes, where it's a usual Sploder Smash Bros themed game, But it also has a twist, you get to collect 432 Heroes and lead them into battle against enemy  fighters.


Not much plot has been thought of yet, but it starts out with your player/the noobie wake up in a distorted realm where he has to fight a possessed Mario.


Image Name Series Description
Noob Noob Sploder

Noob is your "avatar" or the player you play as in the beginning of the game. As you gain more characters you get to choose other Sploder avatars like Geoff, or Dealwithitdewott.

How to unlock

He is unlocked in the beginning of the game.

Mario 8Bit 8-Bit Mario Mario

The main protagonist of the Mario franchise- Oh wait he is only the protagonist of the first game and the unreleased outside of japan second game. 8-Bit Mario is another version of mario from the 8-Bit realm, extracted from his home and possessed by a mysterious force, but he was freed by the Noob.

How to unlock

Beat him in the beginning of the game.


  • The original version of the game originally was going to be completely different, being a platformer where you had to guide all 48 of the characters to safety in each level.
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