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Crossover Project X was a game starring several Sploder original characters. It made it to 4 parts until it was cancelled. It was made by dealwithitdewott and rich3001k.


- James the Desert Wolf (Dealwithitdewott)

- Petit (Rich3001k)

- Leroy (Rich3001k)

- Shin (Rich3001k)

- Tigzon (Gamerdeath722)

- Schnee (Tbremise)

- Joe (Religious2)

- Nerdy Nick (Religious2)

- Alex Ways (Genispar)

- Jessica (Gerald123)

- Gunman (Shadross)

- Little Timmy (Canadainbacon)

- Sanic (Canadainbacon)

- Kit-Kat (Dealwithitdewott)

- Super Stickman (MarioMario54321Fan)

- Angry Dog (Gatex)

- Toast (SkytheKid64)

- Jake (TheJakeBomb)

- May (CanadainBacon)

- Tom (X101 AKA Sceptile)

- Bird (DLC Sceptile)

- Jungle Joe (DLC NPC10000)


- The name Crossover Project X is based on the name of another crossover game called Project X Zone.

- Three characters were supposed to be in it but didn't make it which are Quest Hunter, Beagle, and Bulldogo.

-There was an error in Petit's original artwork where the P on his bandana wasn't green and he was missing the tape around his arms but the errors were fixed.

Part 1 ScreenshotsEdit