Sploder Brawlers is a crossover fighting game by supersonic72 (once known

Sploder Brawlers


Action, Platforming






August 18th, 2014


Single-player, Two-players

as x123lt). It was divided into a Two Player Battle-Mode and a Single Player Story-Mode.

A sequel called Sploder Brawlers Melee is currently in development and is to release later this year.

Plot Edit

The Universal Overlord has taken over many universes, and he has come to a new one to take over. He has mind controlled Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Pokemon Trainer, Link, and Shadow Link. He also has created a Giant Mutated Puffie (Puffies are from mangamixer's Tigzon) and a "shadow clone" of Tigzon, called Shadow Tigzon. Meanwhile, Geoff, the creator of Sploder, has teleported eight heroes to his house, telling them only they can save the universe from the Universal Overlord. These heroes are Tigzon, Petit, Jingo, Solar-Sniper, Micro-Boy, Zeon, Puzzle-Guy, and Steve. He names the group of heroes "Team Sploder Brawlers,"and send them off in a jet to the Universal Overlord's castle in the sky. While there, the team follows Geoff's plan, and make it to the Universal Overlord. However, the Universal Overlord's Giant Mutated Puffie stomps and kills Micro-Boy. Enraged, Tigzon and Puzzle-Guy unexplainably transform into Super Tigzon and Super Puzzle-Guy without a power-source for a final battle with the Universal Overlord and defeat him.

About the Time Paradox Edit

In part-4 of the story mode (the final part) it is revealed that when the Universal Overlord dies, he is, unexplainably, wiped out of all time and space, as if he never existed, causing the events of the game's story mode to never have happened. Theoretically, this would mean his creations, the Giant Mutated Puffie, and Shadow Tigzon, were never created by him, and therefor, no longer exist. This also means Micro-Boy would have never died because they never went to the castle in the first place. Despite all of this, the Universal Overlord and Shadow Tigzon are revived in the sequel, Sploder Brawlers Melee.

Characters Edit

Image Name Description Origins Game modes
Geoff The creator of, who summons "Team Sploder Brawlers" and forms the team to stop the Universal Overlord. Sploder Story Mode
Jingo funky cape
Jingo Jingo is a young 14-year old boy who fights off the evil forces of Pim, the evil Warrior King, (who is not in this game) to protect the world. He has a magic staff that hurts evil beings. His hobbies include going on long walks and exploration in general. Jingo

Story Mode


Battle Mode

Petit (in game)


Petit is the main protagonist of the Petit's Adventure series. He's an outgoing kid and he is rarely bothered by anything, but can be very fiery at times. He has a craving for tacos and is quite adamant. Petit's Adventure

Story Mode


Battle Mode

Tigzon Tigzon is a transformation of the human Alex "Ashiko Chu" Chang (he does not appear in human form in the game). He is a tiger-cat hybrid creature. His ability can go faster, fight faster and a ability to transform into Super Tigzon, and does this at the end of the game. Tigzon

Story Mode


Battle Mode

N/A Micro


A nano sized boy who fights evil viruses and defends Nano City. He can unexplainably shoot fire balls. Micro-Boy

Story Mode


Battle Mode

N/A Zeon Zeon is the main protagonist of the Zeon series. He can shoot energy beams thanks to a magic mutation in his body after he got shot by the evil Space Overlord, Dane, who's not in this game. Zeon

Story Mode




N/A Puzzle Guy A blue humanoid person who  has the ability to move certain objects with his mind. He has the duty of protecting the princess of Ilon Land, Princess Lin, who does not make an appearence in this game. Puzzle-Guy

Story Mode


Battle Mode

N/A Solar Sniper A sniper who has a gun that can run on solar energy. Solar Sniper: Dawn of Death

Story Mode


Battle Mode

Steve Steve is the main protagonist (sort of?) of Mine Craft. He uses Diamond Swords in this game for combat. Mine Craft (Jcreatesgames edition)

Story Mode


Battle Mode

N/A Mega Man The main protagonist of the Mega Man franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. Mega Man Story Mode
N/A Link The main protagonist of the Zelda franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. The Legend of Zelda Story Mode
N/A Shadow Link A shadow version of Link. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. The Legend of Zelda Story Mode
N/A Sonic The main protagonist of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. Sonic  Story Mode
N/A Pac-Man The main protagonist of the Pac-Man franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. Pac-Man Story Mode
N/A Pokemon Trainer The main protagonist(s) of the Pokemon franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. He uses a Charizard in this game and lends Petit his Pikachu in the battle. Pokemon Story Mode
Mario 8Bit
Mario The main protagonist of the Mario franchise. He is under Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. Donkey Kong Story Mode
Universal Overlord The main antagonist of the game. He is a humanoid creature who has mind-control powers and energy blasts. He can also create "shadow clones," but only does this once. His only goal in life is to enslave every universe in the multiverse. Sploder Brawlers Story Mode
N/A Shadow Tigzon A last minute "shadow clone" of Tigzon made by the Universal Overlord. Not much is known about him other than he likes to eat, as shown when he says to Shadow Link, "Alright, but afterwards, lunch!", in response to Shadow Link telling him that they have to go fight "Team Sploder Brawlers." Sploder Brawlers Story Mode
N/A Giant Mutated Puffie A giant mutated Puffie (creatures from the Tigzon series) created by the Universal Overlord. Sploder Brawlers Story Mode

Enemies Edit


The Universal Overlord has mind controlled a few basic enemies in this game. This is a list of enemies. All of these enemies can be taken out in a single blow in this game.



N/A Rollin Jingo
N/A Bo-Bo Jingo
N/A Drago Jingo
Doom eye
Doom Eye Puzzle-Guy
Creeper Mine Craft

Boss Fights Edit


Name Strategy Part Level

Mega Man

Simply avoid the blasts he and his fellow other robots fire at you and fire at Mega Man until he's defeated.


Avoid blasts, and blast him back.

Alternate method: Stay on top of him and blast him until you win.


Avoid fire balls and hit him when he crosses the force feild.


Drag bombs to the ghostes and Pac-Man to blow them up. Do this before time runs out.


Simply avoid his sword-beams and hit him until you win.

Shadow Link

Just like Link, but be aware that he moves.

Shadow Tigzon

Try to avoid attacks and be careful with your movements, since he copies all your moves.

Pokemon Trainer

Smash the SPACE bar to spam your borrowed Pikachu's attacks before he beats you with his Pokemon's attacks.

Universal Overlord

Use your attack on him untill he dies, while avoiding his attacks simultaneously.

Giant Mutated Puffie

Same as fight with Pokemon Trainer, but alot shorter and easier.

Battle-Mode Exclusive Characters and EnemiesEdit

​There are plenty of characters and enemies from different video-games that appear only in the backround of stages in Battle-Mode. This is the following list of characters and enemies:

Image Name Origins Level Stage 
Leaf Loola
Leaf Loola Tigzon
Tina Loola
Tina Loola Tigzon
N/A Puffies Tigzon
N/A Shadow Kicker Puzzle-Guy 
N/A Shadow Doom Eye Puzzle-Guy 
N/A Knuckles  Sonic 
N/A Shadow  Sonic
N/A Tails Sonic 
N/A Tails' Doll Sonic
N/A Chaos Sonic
N/A Dr. Eggman Sonic 
N/A Virus Micro-Boy
N/A Running Bo-Bo Jingo


  • The idea for Sploder Brawlers was created long ago when supersonic72 was just x123lt, but the idea was ultimately scrapped, with no one wanting to contribute with characters.
  • Shadow Tigzon's sprite is the same as Tigzon's black and white sprite from Tigzon on an Old Game Boy.

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