Sploder Brawlers Melee is a crossover fighting game currently in development by supersonic72. It is the sequel to his game, Sploder Brawlers. It has a Three-Part Story-Mode (only parts 1 and 2 are out so far), a prologue movie that explains the plot and gives backstory to the game, an upcoming Desert Wolf DLC, and an upcoming Two-Player Battle-Mode, called PvP Mode.


After being defeated by Team Sploder Brawlers and being wiped from existence, the Universal Overlord, along with that abomination, Shadow Tigzon (who is now known as Zega), has been revived by a mysterious dark figure who calls itself the "Annihalator." Taking advantage of the fact that no one remembers what happened previously, thanks to the whole time paradox thing that happened, he teleports all the Team Sploder Brawler members he could find, along with newcomer Matthew, to a dreaded planet known as Planet X. Many other well known heroic characters, such as Mario, and many reknowned villians and baddies the Universal Overlord has enslaved, such as Creepers and King Bowser Koopa, have also been teleported here. It is up to this group of heroes to get everyone (yes, even people like Bowser) off this planet before it self destructs and to save the multi-verse from the Universal Overlord and his army, along with finding out the Annihalator's true motives.

Playable CharactersEdit



Description Basic Attack (CLICK) Special Attack (SPACE) Attributes
Jingo The main protagonist of the Jingo series. Jingo is a young teenage boy who fights off the evil forces of Pim, the evil Warrior King, to protect the world. He has a magic staff that hurts evil beings. His hobbies include going on long walks and exploration in general. Magic Staff Mega Staff Balanced
Petit (in game)

Petit is the main protagonist of the Petit's Adventure series. He's an outgoing kid and he is rarely bothered by anything, but can be very fiery at times. He has a craving for tacos and is quite adamant.

Spiral Super Spiral High Jump
Tigzon gif
Tigzon A tiger-cat hybrid creature who is the main character of the Tigzon series. He is actually the human Alex "Ashiko Chu" Chang when he isn't transformed into Tigzon. When he's just Alex he is just an outgoing, trouble-making teenage boy, who is addicted to video games and action movies. Speed Punch Total Destruction Attack High Power
N/A Matthew The main character of the Skyward series, a young hero who winds up in various quests to stop an evil being known as Negativ from taking over his homeland. He has ice powers. Ice Shuriken Snowball High Speed

Supporting CharactersEdit

These are the current confirmed supporting characters. You may request some if you'd like, and I might add them... Some grant an extra life to the player, and others are a part of the story.

Image Name Description Origins Level
Jan Fantazi Jan Fantazi is a humanoid teenage mechanic, who lived with his adoptive father and a mechanic Jeri Fanta at the Auto Repair shop. He was created by villian Dr. Yotashi Mikazu, who led the 7 Massacre pirates. Fantazi has a pet robot named Kurvy, a hybrid of a raccoon and a fox.   Future Legends Fantazi


Part1  Level3
N/A Kurvy the Klitcher Kurvy is Fantazi's pet robot, a raccoon-fox hybrid that talks gibberish and his only catchphase is "Wahoo!"  Future Legends Fantazi


Part1 Level3
Mario 8Bit
Mario An italian plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom and the main protagonist of the Super Mario fanchise. Super Mario  Part2 Level6


Image Name Description Origins


Universal Overlord The main antagonist of the game. He is a humanoid creature who has mind-control powers and energy blasts. He can also create "shadow clones," but only does this once. His only goal in life is to enslave every universe in the multiverse. Sploder Brawlers
Zega (a.k.a Shadow Tigzon) A last minute "shadow clone" of Tigzon made by the Universal Overlord during Sploder Brawlers. He really likes to eat and enjoys fighting alot. His name Zega is a reference to a video game company called Sega (the company that did the Sonic the Hedgehog series). Sploder Brawlers
N/A Annihalator(?) A mysterious dark figure who somehow revived the Universal Overlord... Sploder Brawlers Melee
N/A Bowser Koopa The main antagonist of the Super Mario franchise, who is king of the koopa race. He is under the Universal Overlord's mind control in this game. Super Mario


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