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This series was made by a troll known as ABCIlikepie. Don't take this article seriously and it isn't actually a Sploder series. This article is only kept up for comedic value

ulktracoolguyz is so liek teh best sploder sieries ever is so much better than all of the other ones!!111 creator is abcilikepie!!!111 the planeyt aoccurs on a pleeant called kickypoop!!11111 yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!11111


  • fartboy (villain!!!!!!1111)
  • ultra cool man (hero!!21opk)
  • sceptile (villain!!1po1kk)
  • super furry (villian!!!okdsf)
  • head3000 (hero!!!!asdf)
  • stick figrure (hero!!1okpokfds)
  • may the poostudios killer (hero!!!okpsafdpok)
  • jaden964 (hero!!dsokpsdg)
  • mjduniverse (villain!!1opkdspokf)
  • poostudios (villain!!1i1jooij)
  • the all seeing eye (unknown!!1111)
  • kitty kate (hero!!1111)
  • the smileys {grioup} (heros!!1111)
  • poopman (hero!!1111)

=things the heros hait and fiight againtst:Edit

  • furries
  • sceptile
  • poopstudios


Ultra kool guiz destroy a furry yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-3

Ultra kool guiz destroy a furry yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-3

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