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    Sploder E3

    June 26, 2015 by Dewott the epic

    After seeing Goomy's post that got me thinking...

    Should I make Water Sea Wars, now known as "Meta" a RPG?

    Then it hit me.

    After I'm done with my 2 other projects AKA MemeQuest and FNAFB: Revengenance (abreviating it due to the fact that this wiki should stay PG) I will start work on Meta.

    Also it will take a while because I'm waiting for me to have enough money to buy the full version of VX Ace.

    Also I might make Desert Wolf Color Team on another engine.

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  • Dewott the epic

    So I'm thinking of cancelling Desert Wolf the Movie, and give the series a fresh start before I start that back up again. I feel like the first 3 games just are bad now, and that Rich3001k is really the only person keeping the Sploder Series Universe alive now, with Goomy probably spending his time working on Skyward 5 most likely, and MJD creating games that feel more like a slightly interactive image slideshow more than anything (no offense MJD) while Mangamixer, is probably doing the same as Goomy AKA working his butt off on Tigzon Island (If you two are reading this once you're done, take a break, it would make you two feel better) and Polvo is... DED. And me, well I am the most unproductive of all, facepalming at my past games, making…

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  • Dewott the epic

    Well Water Sea Wars is no more.

    Now before you freak out I'm changing it to another series I'm calling "Meta"

    Now it will have the same characters, just redesigned, renamed, and with new backstories.

    Now the plot well... It will be different. The main cast are now experiments by the government and I will try to make a web comic to go along side it.

    So here's a bit of concept art of Jeff AKA Blue

    I know the quality is crappy, but it's concept art so don't worry

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  • Dewott the epic

    Dumb ssw story

    April 11, 2015 by Dewott the epic

    wen i was nein i mett splodur dot comm and i was leik oh ma gad and soh wen i was elevn i git an accnt and was leik i no this stuf now. dat is how i foun splodur dot comm. tru store 12/10 ign

    soh i was wulkin wen gi ant monsturr cam and i was al leik hulp meh but mangomixer was busy mak togzin 2000 and rish3000k was 2 bisy makin rish hous wich is internt bil cosbe sho. goometehmite was 2 bisy draing skiwurd teh mango an finiken was finiken. ii had no idia hw 2 serviv so i cald animeh and guko an nurato cam bt gt tere buts woopd smhow so i cald in fiv nots at frodes. frode fusebare kiked teh monstr but monstr was 2 op so frode fusebare narele ded. frode tld me 2 giv hm powr bt guko ws leik dat is wat i doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

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  • Dewott the epic

    I'm finished with Night 1 of the game! Here's some screenshots!

    The demo may come soon later today!

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