Due to Fennekin cancling Polvo and WeegeeLover/Goomy delaying Skyward and Cube Fighters until he get's a faster computer I am creating a contest for replacements. DON'T WORRY! If Fennekin revives Polvo or Goomy get's a new computer or both then that would mean there will be 8 or 7 people in the Sploder Series Team (Me, Rich3001k, Mangamixer, Mjduniverse, and possibly still Fennekin and Goomythealmighty). In order to enter you must listen to the rules and make a game series.


  1. YOU CAN'T BE A CYBER BULLY, CYBER BULLY SUPPORTER, OR HACKER!  If you are then you're immediatly disqualified.
  2. It must be done in the Physics Puzzle Game Maker.
  3. You must use your own graphics and not somebody else's unless if it's tiles or something.
  4. You need to use original characters.
  5. The graphics and gameplay must be descent.
  6. Only two winners will be chosen so make sure you try your hardest!
  7. You can't already be part of the SST (Sploder Series Team).
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